Max Porter on Grief Is the Thing with Feathers – Interview

I first heard of Max Porter when I was asked if I wanted to translate his book, Grief Is the Thing with Feathers, into Romanian. Right from the title, I knew I’d love to. And I did. It wasn’t like anything I had translated or read before: an intelligent mix of prose and poetry, full [...]

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Translating Humour

In my last article, I was talking about some of the difficulties of translating children’s books, one of which was humour. As humour is an important ingredient in the universal recipe for writing successful children’s books, but is not used exclusively by them, I’ll try to expand on the difficulties of translating humour, in general. First [...]

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Translating Children’s Books

After several fiction and non-fiction books meant for grown-ups, I've recently started translating children's books. More precisely, I had the opportunity to work on two books meant for smaller children, of 7-8 years old, and two other books for older children, let's say a comfortable +10-years old. Although this does not qualify me to give [...]

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The Good Story, by J.M. Coetzee and Arabella Kurtz

The Good Story: Exchanges on Truth, Fiction and Psychotherapy, by J.M. Coetzee and Arabella Kurtz, Viking, 2015 Romanian title: Povestea cea bună. Discuții despre adevar, ficțiune și psihoterapia psihanalitică, J.M. Coetzee și Arabella Kurtz, Editura Trei, 2016 […]

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Michael Hofmann on Translation

Photo © Thomas Andenmatten I stumbled upon a very interesting article about Michael Hofmann, critic, poet, essayist and German into English literary translator, who has translated over 70 books so far, who says some true and bold things about translation. Here are a few examples: “I sort of fear saying this, but these things [...]

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Rabbih Alameddine on Translation

An Unnecessary Woman, by Rabbih Alameddine, Grove Press, 2014 I mentioned before a list of books about translators and interpreters, which also included this novel, but I only got to read it a couple of days ago and, since then, I can't stop thinking about it. In just a few words, Aalyia, the protagonist, is [...]

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My Translation-Related Pet Peeves

I'm sure that, whatever the field of work, you all have things you don't like to do, maybe making phone calls to clients or answering to your boss about where you've been on your 3-hour lunch break. A few years ago, when I was working as an employed translator, I made a list of pet peeves based [...]

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