Nikki Giovanni – II

O altă selecție de versuri…

…despre viață:

“The problem with the Life game

For unprotected players

Is not what you don’t have

But what you can’t give

Though ultimately there is the understanding

That even nothing is something

As long as you are there

To give the nothing personally”


…despre fascinații:

“finding myself still fascinated

by the falls and rapids

i nonetheless prefer the streams

contained within the beautiful brown shoreline…

if you were a pure bolt

of fire cutting the skies

i’d touch you risking my life

not because i’m brave or strong

but because i’m fascinated

by what the outcome will be”


…despre orgasm:

“the sheets were clean

and he was tender

it was an accident

that rush of red wine starting with her toes

that came over her ending with a sigh”

(The Winter Storm)

…despre lucrurile pe care femeile simt uneori nevoia să le audă:

“lies were better than the silence that abounded

nice comfortable lies like i need you

or Gosh you look pretty this morning

the lies that make the lie of life real

or lies that make real life livable”


… despre nevoie:

“most of us love from our need to love not

because we find someone deserving

most of us comfort because we need comforting

our ancient rituals demand that we give

what we hope to receive”

(The Women Gather)

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