Nikki Giovanni – I

Este una dintre poetele mele preferate, așa că am alcătuit o selecție de versuri cu care să vă tentez s-o descoperiți. Lectură plăcută!

Nikki Giovanni







when I wake up

in the morning

and see all the faces

i just can’t




she wanted to be a blade

of grass amid the fields

but he wouldn’t agree

to be the dandelion


she wanted to be a robin singing

through the leaves

but he refused to be

her tree


she spun herself into a web

and looking for a place to rest

turned to him

but he stood straight

declining to be her corner


she tried to be a book

but he wouldn’t read

she turned herself into a bulb

but he wouldn’t let her grow


she decided to become a woman

and though he still refused to be a man

she decided it was all right


Poem (for Ema)

though i do wonder

why you intrigue me

i recognize that an exceptional moth

is always drawn

to an exceptional flame

you’re not at all what you appear

to be

though not so very different

i’ve not learned

the acceptable way of saying

you fascinate me

i’ve not even learned

how to say i like you

without frightening people


sometimes i see things

that aren’t really there

like warmth and kindness

when people are mean

but sometimes i see things

like fear and want to sooth it

or fatigue and want to share it

or love and want to receive it

is that weird

you think everyone is weird

though you’re not really hypocritical

you just practice not being

what you want to be

and fail to understand

how others would dare

to be otherwise

that’s weird to me

flames don’t flicker


and moths are born to be burned

it’s an unusual way

to start a friendship

but nothing lasts forever


How Do You Write A Poem?

how do you write a poem

about someone so close

to you that when you say ahhhhh

they say chuuuu

what can they ask you to put

on paper that isn’t already written

on your face

and does the paper make it

any more real

that without them

life would be not

impossible but certainly

more difficult

and why would someone need

a poem to say when i come

home if you’re not there

i search the air

for your scent

would i search any less

if i told the world

i don’t care at all

and love is so complete

that touch or not we blend

to each other the things

that matter aren’t all about

baaaaaanging (i can be baaaanged all

day long) but finding a spot

where i can be free

of all the physical

and emotional bullshit

and simply sit with a cup

of coffee and say to you

“i’m tired” don’t you know

those are my love words

and say to you “how was your

day” doesn’t that show

i care or say to you “we lost

a friend” and not want to share

that loss with strangers

don’t you already know

what i feel and if

you don’t maybe

i should check my feelings

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