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If you represent a business, you may want your website and documents to be accurate and nice-flowing in Romanian.

If you represent a translation company, you may want a serious, fast, and pleasant collaborator.

If you are an individual in need of a translation, you may want to leave it to a professional.

All of you who are looking for a good and reliable English to Romanian or French to Romanian translator, you’ve come to the right place!
I’m experienced, thorough, and passionate about my work. I always provide high quality translations and never miss a deadline. I’m the professional translator who can help you grow your business, keep your clients happy or get things done quickly and efficiently.
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A few words about me

  • Bachelor’s Degree in English and French, translation module (“Al. I. Cuza” University, Iasi, Romania, class of 2003)
  • Professional translator since 2004: in-house translator/interpreter in a large bank for 9 years; freelance translator since 2004
  • Specialised in: business-finance, economic, marketing, legal (contracts), literary translations
  • Servicestranslation, proofreading, review
  • I am accurate, fast, reliable, experienced, and passionate about my work.
  • I’m looking for interesting projects in my areas of expertise and for fair conditions.
  • I’m offering high quality translations, dedication, and professionalism.
Feel free to contact me!


Over the last years, we have worked with Mihaela Buruiana for various translations of contracts and other documents in the environmental field. We have been very pleased with the quality of her work and with her always meeting our deadlines. We will continue to work with her in the future on all our projects.
Ionela Chirila, Senior Project Coordinator – RSK Environment LTD Romania
I worked with Mihaela on some complex reports with specific requirements and, in each case, she delivered on time, high-quality translations and made very pertinent observations. She pays attention to details and is accurate and reliable. I strongly recommend her.
Florian Melard de Feuardent, Project Manager - BRD Groupe Société Générale
I would highly recommend Mihaela as a collaborator since she is very serious, thorough, delivers the translated documents on time and has a good understanding of the content. We worked with her mostly on public affairs and legislative documents for online advertising purposes, which implied a lot of technical wording, but this didn’t raise any barriers in the quality of the translation work done by Mihaela. Timing was not an issue and even if some of the projects were very urgent, we received the translation form her in due time – which was very important to us. Also, we were very pleased with her confidentiality regarding the content.
Ioana Anescu, Executive Manager – IAB Romania
We’ve collaborated with Mihaela for translations of various documents and we are very happy with her services. High quality, promptness and reliability are the reasons why she became the translator of our real estate company.
I found Mihaela online and, after exchanging a few emails with her, I knew she was the right person to translate my book. I was very pleased with our collaboration, she had a deep understanding of the text, paid great attention to details and references, and made highly relevant observations. For a writer it is important to have inspiration, but for a good translator it is imperative. Mihaela proved to be both inspired and tenacious in her work to get the best results from many difficult texts. Her translation of my book has already been published on Amazon and I’m looking forward to working with her again on my next projects.
Cătălin Damir, Author
We’ve been working with Mihaela for English into Romanian translations in the financial field, mostly trading, since April 2014 and we’re very happy with her services. She’s a very committed translator and she always delivers her assignments on time. Her knowledge in our field of work is beyond doubt. Also, she’s a very friendly person to work with. I definitely recommend anyone to work with her.
Sergi Nebot, Project Manager - Wordwide Forex
Mihaela is a great translator, her work is accurate and she delivers on time.
Cristina Frăsineanu, Translator
Fell free to contact me!


I do translations mainly in the following fields: business, financial, economic, marketing, legal, and IT.

These are the types of documents I have translated so far: (credit, leasing, security, service) agreements, addenda, prospectuses, financial product descriptions, directors’ reports, audit reports, financial statements, memorandum and articles of association, certificates of incorporation, confirmations of company details, norms, procedures, instructions, letters, diplomas, certificates, user’s manuals, meeting minutes, decisions, notices, guides, press releases, applications, press articles, powers of attorney, CVs, statements, investment policies, insurance policies, personal data protection documents, medical test results, hospital release forms, interviews, presentations, labour protection documentation, online advertising policies, etc.

I also translated books on the following topics: fiction, sales, trading, psychology, philosophy, religion, etc. For details, please see my Book Translations page.

Proofreading / review is the final stage of the translation process. Whether the purpose is to correct any potential mistakes the translator may have made or to make sure that the text sounds natural in the target language, a proofreader’s / reviewer’s work is a difficult one. It implies not imposing one’s own style, not making unnecessary corrections, not drastically changing the translator’s work and, implicitly, not hurting their dignity by doing so. Proofreading / review is all about giving honest feedback ​and respecting the translator’s work, while making sure the project requirements are complied with.

Localization is the process of not only translating, but adapting the text of a website or software to the target language and culture, while complying with certain technical requirements. One must take into account the audience for which the text is localized, the cultural references, local uses and systems, etc. The target text should both flow well and be relevant for the population it targets.

I have experience in website, and computer and mobile software localization (UI, marketing, legal, help content, etc.)

I love reading, so it’s only natural that I love translating books, as well. It’s interesting and fun to give life to characters and plots in another language, to recreate the feeling and the tone of the original, to adapt jokes and word plays. Not to mention challenging!

So far, I’ve translated about 30 books, both fiction and non-fiction. You can find details on my Book translations page above.

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